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responsibility for the head. and we need to make rules for the rest. because without us there would be chaos. but. i think i said it in the circular. british m.p.'s approve of bragg's it amendment to renegotiate the backstop with
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ireland which could change the course of treason maizie you divorce planned. the venezuelan supreme court freezes opposition leader. bans him from leaving the country that comes right after washington sanctioned the state oil giant and handed why no control over venezuela's u.s. based accounts he will continue to use all of our diplomatic and economic tools to support interim president. human rights watch releases a report documenting dozens of cases of terrorists torturing civilians in northern syria. we have documented eleven cases in which. residents. because they were either documenting it using. were distributed six of those that we have documented to be including minors.
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are broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us. in a high stakes vote british m.p.'s have backed an amendment that will allow theresa may to renegotiate one of the most problematic aspects of her bragg's a deal the issue of the irish border parliament also approved an amendment to reject a no deal scenario the prime minister had this to say following the result. i agree that we should not leave without a deal however simply. saying. simply opposing no deal is not enough to stop it the government will now redouble its efforts to get a deal that this house can support since we've had this debate in the house as in phatic they voted to reject the no deal option that the prime minister was
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supporting code i say that we are prepared to come meet her to put forward. to put forward the points of view from the labor party all of the kind of agreement we want with the european union to protect jobs to protect living standards and to reject rights and conditions in this country well if you so it's a reason mazie easy withdrawal deal was dead you'd be wrong those opposed to have planned a failed test saying kids and had a deal is still pretty much bull being in the war said the main issue that politicians managed to agree on is that to ease them a should go back to brussels and renegotiate the agreement that she struck with them people should create opinions that differ from that with respect to this because this is a sign of the what the prime minister has had to admit that her deal doesn't have the support it will she return to the house tomorrow and give
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a clear indication about what these alternative arrangements actually are which will be rejected tyrone summitry check because that now experience of the basis of because she bought it is quite frankly i rejoined speaking on behalf i believe all communities in northern iraq to say just say that this vote tonight drives a coach and horses through the good friday agreement. it's a real change of course for the prime minister because tourism may spend weeks saying that she can't chain. the e.u. withdrawal deal but just before this series of votes in parliament she made a major u.-turn and said that she would look for legally binding changes to the thorny issue of the irish backstop in that e.u. withdrawal deal now that managed to win the backing of the hardline you're a skeptics in her own party as well as the d p the democratic and new u.s.
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party of northern ireland which is propping up the reason may's minority government so finally there is sims unity in parliament on the way forward but there is one big problem with this and that is at the moment all this is pure fantasy why brussels that has repeatedly said that the current deal is not up for renegotiation and they've reiterated it donald tusk the president of the european council said that immediately after the votes in parliament were reversed that the irish backstop is part of the withdrawal agreement and the withdrawal agreement is not open for renegotiation the backstop is part of the withdrawal agreement and the withdrawal agreement is not open for reading the withdrawal agreement is and remains the best and only way to ensure an orderly withdrawal of the united kingdom from the european union now there is only reason mase side say that all that is just a tactic that is a tactic that brussels uses in its negotiations rather often but the votes in
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parliament also dealt a major blow to all those politicians that was seeking to delay bragg's as well as those looking for a second referendum i was three rising as the e.u. vote broadly it all went rather well for to reason mate for once to illustrate just how well it went to the government one of our cabinet ministers reserve portuguese seemed dancing across the lobby to one of the final votes so we have. plan of action forged by parliament finally chiseled out of the chaos but is being called a you know corner option one that doesn't really exist in fact the prime minister's been accused of riding unicorns all the way to brussels because london and the e.u. on now back to being universes apart. british historian and author adel
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darwish earlier told us the u.k. parliament votes are not binding in talks with brussels police have you here as we actually were saying before the program the negotiation problem it is one thing they're not taking it as a whole negotiating with your opinion is something now the european union have to think twice here because a lot of there was an amendment is called the spelman amendments but then is actually one of tory m.p.'s who want to remain. the government does not have to follow see the reason make amnesty still go and see if we don't agree we're going to leave without a deed so having short her success in managing to sail through an amendment no one thought is going to be true then reason may might actually pull a lever rabbit out of the hat. then as well as supreme court has reportedly
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forbidden opposition leader from leaving the country while freezing his assets and bank accounts that comes as the united states throws its full economic weight behind venezuela's self declared interim president has announced it is transfer in control of certain state assets held by american banks to the leader of the crisis stricken countries opposition washington is also imposed sanctions on venezuela's state owned oil company in an effort to choke off revenue to the government of nicolas maduro which it says has no legitimacy to deliberate ranko in caracas based journalist notice i got earlier join my colleague tutor in the studio to discuss the latest. this is a very bold move by washington isn't a well known this is the kind of support that any opposition leader turned self-proclaimed president would dream of anywhere around the world just think about it the u.s. state department has issued a document in fact it was sixty three of state might pump
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a zero himself who is certified to have it all right here one guy though to receive and control certain properties and assets that belong to the government of venezuela that are in american banks that is after earlier this week washington punished venezuela's state owned all giant with sanctions and that meant immediately that the key source of revenue for maduro's government was cut off besides this seven billion us dollars worth of assets in american banks were frozen and the american officials have made it clear that they won't hesitate to do more we will continue to use all of our diplomatic and economic tools to support interim president quiete the national assembly and the venezuelan people efforts to restore their democracy but we have continued to expose the corruption of madeira and his
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cronies in today's action ensures they can no longer lose the assets of the venezuelan people very strong would indeed that we. we have to understand what the reaction has been from caracas have you got any idea how they have reacted to the american decision while president nicolas maduro likes to react with and he doesn't hesitate either he has already tried cutting all diplomatic ties with the u.s. and this particular case his authorities in caracas banned the opposition leader from leaving the country in order for him not to take advantage of these super generous gifts from america. besides this nicolas maduro sent a strong message to the americans it was shown on t.v. and believe it or not it was in english well at least he tried have a look golly only looked at. him more or less giving me knowledge of how.
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venice runa. how. asked. for it inside we're actually going to cross over to venezuela now and talk to a local journalist norris our gold. norris it would be interesting for us to understand what the situation in venezuela is this iteration right now somehow come to but the political tension is rising each day as part of their response of their majority government against the u.s. sanction today the public prosecutor asked to the supreme court to that one way to go from leaving the country and also froze all his bank accounts after a criminal probe due to he's criminal activities against the government has been a juror meanwhile both mature and white flight in. control of their armed forces and both of them are talking to them trying to persuade them somehow to support either or the other if they don't want the soldiers of venezuela we're waiting for
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you to be on our side. the soldiers of venezuela what we are waiting for you to be on the shores of the constitution all you crew serious. we have made our position very clear about the tour your nature of this regime and so we want to take power never create. install a transitional government and free elections. that's how it has to be. as we can see both political actors right now in venice all are trying to gain the armed forces support as of an assault and continue to try to resume their daily routines and they're expectant of then you said and rounds of protests fall by your position for tomorrow at noon and for saturday thanks for giving us an understanding of the situation on the ground in caracas thank you very much. now
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we know that the u.s. is supporting. all the any other countries who have decided that he's the right man for the job and that they are absolutely right most of the support is coming from america but we also have to take the european union into consideration and think america's allies are the strongest players there that includes the u.k. germany france and also spain and they have also said and ultimatum for nicolas maduro they want him to announce an early election as early as this sunday and if that doesn't happen these countries will also recognize one as the interim leader of caracas however on the other hand thema door government has the full backing of moscow and the russian officials the most senior of them have on numerous occasions blamed western powers for trying to orchestrate
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a coup from outside venezuela. we were extremely worried about the actions of the u.s. and its allies towards venezuela which are in flagrant violation of international law. we along with other responsible members of the international community would do everything to support the legitimate government of venezuela led by nicolas maduro in its decision of the constitution and the methods of crises regulation within the constitution of the us in any case it looks like we're definitely up for more and more protests in venezuela and we'll also be watching out for that sunday deadline but knowing nicolas maduro the way he is it is very unlikely that he's going to back down. or earlier we spoke to max blumenthal american author and journalist who told us average venezuelan suppose interference in their country from abroad. was it was a low level legislator in one of the least populous states in venezuela who is
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known his name. was known by maybe one of five venezuelans he is the perfect pawn he is a product of us regime change factories and for average venezuelans who at rates of over eighty percent oppose sanctions and oppose u.s. military intervention this crew that is surrounding why go and most of them actually exist outside venezuela are anathema because they have been responsible for so much violence in that country and so much destabilization. right at the forefront of america's attempts to undermine the government are three of washington's most hawkish figures some media have in fact the troika of tyranny parties kill them up and looks now at the team taking on the authorities in caracas at the united nations mike pompei oh drew a line in the sand now it's time for every other nation to pick a side no more delays no more games either you stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with his may sound familiar either you're with us. if you love
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freedom and with nations with your bridge freedom or you are the enemy yes their ideas are not new but now they're linking arms in the global spotlight some call them the axis of evil or the troika of tyranny meet mike pompei oh elliott abrams and john bolton the three amigos of imperialism john bolton was a big supporter of the iraq war and he represented the united states in the united nations an organization he really didn't care for very much united states makes the u.n. work work and that is exactly going to be because the. united states is. now mike bomb peo is the new kid on the block without very much experience as head of the cia he tried to get the authority to conduct drone strikes in afghanistan without the pentagon's oversight and he worked day and night to rip up the iran nuclear deal at the center of it is an interesting campaign of
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economic pressure to starve the regime of the revenue it uses to fund stabilization of these throughout the middle east and indeed around the world now back in the spotlight after years of obscurity meet convicted criminal elliott abrams he was tied to massacres in el salvador any help to funnel weapons to the contras in nicaragua he was convicted for his role in covering it all up and he received a presidential pardon now he's a special envoy for venezuela it seems that his record in latin america has really impressed certain people america's new dream team is now taking aim at venezuela why because they just care so much for those poor oh pressed venezuelans they want them to have a chance at freedom and democracy right or is it something else will make a big difference to the united states economically if we could have american oil companies really invest in and produce the oil capabilities in venezuela be good for the people of venezuela be good for the people of the united states we both
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have a lot of stake here. yes honesty is always appreciated the u.s. has once again talking about basically another war for oil so that it introduces these moral complications and gives rise to some serious questions about the u.s. motivations here and it's very frustrating from an american point of view it's one thing for trump to announce oh i support this other guy and that's great but but but these sanctions are kind of an act of violence in themselves i think we have what is an i pad back of the katie doing us blockade of and a lot of the stranglehold that they put on the economy of the country would have a very real humanitarian consequences for the people there it is a question of you know washington and it allies in europe and elsewhere want their cake and i do want to have their cake and eat it well i mean it's very they're double distorting or think here. well as the sanctions were being announced to some
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noticed that the u.s. national security advisers know pad was turned towards reporters on it was written five thousand troops to colombia a country sharing a porter with venezuela whether it was an accident or not colombia's foreign minister carlos holmes strongly rejected that idea saying that colombia intends to use only diplomatic tools. the city still mostly reason and the reach of that no to the.
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please. please. please. the top humans rights watchdog has released a chilling report on abuses by terrorist groups in syria more after a short break desire to international. players.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be old for rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one business shows you can afford to miss the one and only. place.
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welcome practices r t international now a chilling report by human rights watch says. armed group with links to al-qaeda has detained and tortured civilians in syria the organization has also released of the testimonies of several victims you might find some of the following upsetting. they used to pull me out of the cell beat me and then return me no one asked me a single question no one asked me what my name was. these torture moments i remember them in detail every day people died in front of my eyes the maximum you can do is move your shoulders a bit and scream for help but on several occasions they stuffed things in my mouth
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so i couldn't scream. they beat me they would place me absolutely down for hours beat me and interrogate me it became tougher physically and emotionally. all right human rights watch claims the detentions and arrests were triggered by a protest against the. militant group igor she done of comets. when syria's most ruthless battle hardened terrorist elements fled the advances of the country's military taking refuge in a province the u.s. and co went overboard overboard about how assad and russia would turn the lives of ordinary citizens there into a living hell to get to a handful of al-qaeda fighters when russia and the assad regime say they want to counterterrorism they actually mean they want to bomb schools hospitals and
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homes there are more babies in italy and there are terrorists think of the children well now it turns out terrorists remain terrorists wherever they go and the children and adults of a global like are learning this the hard way this month. a un designated terrorist alliance subjugated the other rebel factions and seized power across the province any attempt of dissent big crush in its cradle the new human rights watch report details just some cases we have documented eleven cases in which a. detained residents of. because they were either documenting abuses or were testing. six of those that we have documented have apparently been tortured including minors human rights watch isn't the first organization to produce such a report either as well as arbitrary detention and brutal beatings thieving looting
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and corruption rampant clashes and infighting are also adding to the anguish of civilians violence repeatedly spills beyond the borders of the province to just last week at least four hundred militants attacked a government forces in danger the tentative ceasefire brokered by russia and turkey . is known to. live remains a terrorist haven while we're still committed to the ceasefire deal the recent takeover by to goes beyond the scope of the. the russian and turkish military's are working on a roadmap to deal with this threat but it's clear we cannot let it live remain a terrorist hotbed so will the mainstream media have been portraying it as syria's final safe haven the last major rebel held hotspot the last rebel holdout the last major stronghold of active opposition to the rule of president bashar al assad all those praying to survive to see another day there are unlikely to agree.
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marty has spoken to the family of libyan journalist mohammed ben who was killed while covering clashes in the country ten days ago he worked as a freelance contributor to various international news agencies including artie's video agency ruttledge. when you were really no one can describe a parent's feelings nor can anyone define it the feeling that we lost a person who was part of us our son who is part of our soul. and then i'm confront recently before he was killed he called me to ask how am i
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doing he told me that he had a dream about me he told me i was crying he stream i kept thinking about these dream for a while but when we received the news i remembered his dream and i thought about it that maybe it was muhammad it was morning himself and then a dream to. all right more news in about thirty three minutes stay with us this is art international. clutter financial for one john today was all about money laundering first to visit this cash into three different. good is a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in your something in america something overseas or cayman island to do all these banks are complicit in or to the progressives we just have to give mccomas
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a camera to do some serious one hundred ok let's see how we did well we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy old beautiful jewelry and how about. carlos diaz bill again from that you know what money is higher is. much closer of course. the united states. and its attacks on other countries. economic sanctions are often just the beginning another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the countries that you're talking about. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country because. we have
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a responsibility for the home. and we need to make rules for the rest. because without us there would be chaos. attempting to force regime change in venezuela brought to you by the trumpet ministration washington's gross interference in the internal affairs of the slot an american country is risky neagle in the possibility of large scale violence is very real one thing is certain the people of venezuela will suffer the most. later on.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact on all of us there is a lot to get to today i'm part killed in washington and we're sure glad you're on board coming up this time we drill deeper on venezuela's to multi with turmoil and their oil reserves with our t.v. producers scientists have injured plus the partial u.s. government shutdown may be over for now but predatory lenders are still on the prowl bartlet nailer public citizen joins us to analyze the industry and how they target the most vulnerable among us and later here inside the washington beltway huawei has been charged with myriad crimes as senior u.s. government officials ramp up the rhetoric in the ongoing conflict with china on the eve of the u.s. china trade negotiations here in washington they begin wednesday alex mail edition the owner of forward to join us to discuss all that in our sights but first we had right to some headlines let's go. brinksmanship leads our global report today as you.


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